This guide will walk you through how to Upload data to Lumoa.

Before you begin

Before you upload data to Lumoa, please check the following:


To start your upload, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Lumoa account.

  2. On the bottom left-hand side, navigate to the Settings gear.

  3. On the top navigation bar, select Collections.

  4. Find the collection you want to upload data to, and from the right side, click on the : three dots.

  5. Click Import Data.

Importing feedback

  1. Select the Collection in which you want to store your data to.

  2. Click Download to download our template. Learn how to get your data ready for Lumoa.

  3. Click Upload, to upload your file from where ever you have it stored on your PC.

  4. Tick the box Run topic modeling for imported feedback if you wish your data to run through topic modeling for the last 30, 60, 90, or 120 days. Learn more about Topic modeling.

  5. Click Import and your upload should start.


  • Waiting time - Please note that the upload may take some time to process, but refreshing the page will show you the status of the upload. You want to wait until it says "Completed" like in the image below, and then your data should be visible in Lumoa.

  • Do not upload twice - Please note that uploading the same data twice will create duplicates. The extra data will need to be removed. Uploading the data twice will not help speed the process.


If you encounter an error while uploading a data, please see below the common issues:

  • You do not have the required columns headers. All data requires a date, score, and comment column as explained in the How to Format Data for Lumoa guide. Furthermore, date and score are required data fields - meaning that each response MUST contain a date and a score in order to be uploaded to Lumoa. If even one row is missing a date or a score, then the file will fail.

  • Your Excel has a column without a header. Assuming you have the required columns, you can also send optional background data along with your customers responses. These are usually things like the Country the user submitted the feedback, or an externalId attached to the response. These columns MUST have headers, otherwise the file will fail.

  • The "date" column does not actually contain dates. Note that simply putting a date into excel does not mean that it will be passed through Lumoa. Ensure that you can filter the "date" column to Oldest to Newest so that Excel recognizes the dates. If it does not, try using the Text to Columns function to convert your data to a date.

  • Excel error value in a cell. Files with excel functions will not pass through Lumoa. This includes formulae, and any "values". These can usually be resolved by (ctrl + A) and search (ctrl + F) for #, see if any of the error values appear. Errors that often fail uploads are #NAME? and #VALUE!.

  • You have multiple sheets in your Excel. Please ensure that your Excel only has one sheet in it, or the upload will fail.

Further assistance

If you still encounter issues uploading your file, please contact our Customer Service.

Next Steps

After you have uploaded data, you will likely want to Schedule and run Recurring Topic Modeling. This will create you a Topic set dynamically based on your customers open text response. Learn more about topic modelling or how to manage filters for your uploaded data.

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