Data Anonymization

Lumoa has the ability to anonymize certain data as it passes through our systems. This article is going to go over some of the details in that process.

When does anonymization happen

When a feedback gets passed into Lumoa, our Analytics begins working on it. This has a number of steps associated with it, depending on your collection settings and the type of data you are uploading. We are going to cover the required steps below:

  • Data gets submitted

  • Data is checked for correct tagging and naming (every feedback needs a "date", for example)

  • Data is translated into chosen language (default English)

  • Data is anonymized using our AI

  • Data has sentiment applied

  • Data is assigned into Topics

  • Data visible in UI

As you can see from the steps above, anonymization is done AFTER the translation process, and on your translated version of the feedback. Note that if your analytics are in English, and you submit a feedback in English, the system will be able to determine that and it will not translate the feedback. No point in translating from English to English, right?

What does the feedback anonymization look for?

The feedback anonymization looks for:

  • number/letter strings of three or more (phone numbers, SSN, ticket ID's etc)

  • email addresses (anything with [email protected]___)

  • Common first and last names in English, Finnish, and Swedish.

The anonymization can be turned on using a per collection basis. If you aren't sure what a collection is, please consult this guide on What is a Collection. The anonymization should be turned on _before_ data gets uploaded. Trying to run the anonymization on data that has already been uploaded to Lumoa might incur additional fees.

The turn on anonymization, please contact your CS manager or [email protected]

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