Creating a Company

Creating a company is your first step towards using Lumoa. A Company in Lumoa is an umbrella term for what will hold all of your data, manage all of your users, generate all of your insights, and more. A new company is created when a new organization wants to get started with Lumoa, and can only be created by those with the Lumoa Admins or Partner role. Feel free to go over our User Permissions Guide for info on what else a Partner role can do.

To get started, log in to any Lumoa account with the correct permissions, and then click on the Settings gear in the bottom left of any page:

From there, you need to navigate to the "Companies" tab up at the top. This will show you a list of all of the companies within Lumoa. Next, you need to hover your mouse over the blue button in the bottom right, and then select "Create Company":

Defining Company Settings

Company Name: The name of your Company. Probably self explanatory.

First User Email: Email address of the first person who will access the account. This can be a "dummy" email as well, such as "[email protected]". This first user will be responsible for adding other users to this Company until another person is granted permissions to add users.

Company Settings: By default, you will see curly brackets {}. This field can be skipped and left as it is.

Collection Name: Name of your first collection. This will be where you upload your first batch of data to Lumoa, so name it something related to that data. Examples are things like: "Company Name NPS", "Quarterly Pulse Survey", "Chat Conversations Global"

Read more about What is a Collection if you still aren't sure!

Language: Default language that the UI will be displayed in for this company. Note that users do have the ability to override this setting and put in a different language for themselves in their Profile Settings.

Metric Type: The type of data that the collection defined earlier will hold. NPS is 0-10 scale with open text, Linear is any numbered scale such as 1-5 with open text, and Open Ended is just open text with no numerical score attached.

Topic Model: You should see a list of Topic sets that are already attached to your company. Choose one that you think is the most relevant for your data. Don't worry about your choice here not being a perfect match - the data you upload to this newly created company can have a Topic set created on it, which will be more accurate.

Then hit Save! You just created your new company in Lumoa!

Accessing your new company

Once you have created a company, you should be able to search for it in the list of companies. After you have found it, simply click on the three dots to the far right side, and then hit "Log in". This will log you in to that company!

Note your company will likely be empty. You will have a collection made, but there wont be any data. Please follow the next guide in our Self Service process around How to Upload data to Lumoa! to complete the company setup process!

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