This guide will walk you through how to create your own survey, upload customer data, and create email campaigns directly in Lumoa. Surveys can be customized to fit your branding as well as your specific metric. The best part is that any response from these surveys will flow directly to Lumoa, meaning you can use Lumoa for survey feedback collection and analysis.

There are 3 steps to get started with surveys in Lumoa:

* Creating Survey

* Creating Campaign

* Uploading Audience

Before you begin

Creating Survey

To create a survey, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Lumoa account.

  2. On the bottom left-hand side, navigate to the Survey Hub.

  3. You will automatically land on the Campaign tab in the Survey Hub.

  4. To proceed, navigate to the Surveys tab.

  5. On the bottom right of the page, hover over the plus button, and click Create survey.

    📔 Please note that you can keep on editing a form, even after the survey has been created.

Survey Types

There are two types of Surveys you can choose:

  • Link Survey 🔗 - Allows sending a Survey to your favorite CRM tools, social media channels, or integrations. For this type of Survey, you will later need to create a Link Campaign. Alternatively, you can send a Survey directly through Lumoa email with Email Survey Campaign.

  • Popup Survey 📃 - Allows installing a Survey on any external website. For this type of Survey, you will later need to create a Web Survey Campaign.

Part 1 - Setup

In this section, you set up the basic data of your survey.

  • Collection - This refers to the collection you want the data to go. Learn more about what is a Collection.

  • Title - It can be anything, ideally something informative about the survey, such as the type of data or audience group.

  • Languages - Select all languages that you want this survey to be translated to. Please note that Finnish, Swedish, German, Spanish, and Danish languages will be automatically translated. For the other languages, you will need to manually insert the translation in the language bar near the top in Part 2.

  • Default language - You can choose the default language here. Normally, the pre-displayed languages you can choose among, are based on the browser settings.

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Part 2 - Question

In this section, you define the questions and metrics for your survey.

  • Question - What do you want to ask your customers? This question is for the score. To add a question, click below + Add question.

  • Send button label - How do you want to name the send button?

  • Message for forcing answer reason - Ask the customer to elaborate on the score they gave. This question is for the open text response. Please note that by default for Lumoa forms, leaving an open text response is not required. If you wish to require an open text response, we suggest adding a message, for example: "Message for forcing answer" or similar.

If you choose an NPS, 1-5, 1-100 rating Collection, you will need to insert these fields:

  • Rating scale - The rating scale (0-10 / 1-5 etc.) will be shown automatically, depending on the Collection you choose.

    • Low value - Shows an indication of a low value, for example, "Not likely".

    • High value - Shows an indication of a high value, for example, "Very likely".

  • Message user should see if score is not selected - Reminder to user to select a score.

    • Answer reason: Ask the customer to elaborate on the score they gave.

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Part 3 - Settings

In this section, you configure Privacy Policy, Social Media, and contact requests.

  • Show Privacy Policy - Selecting this tick box will allow you to input your own Privacy Policy. Leaving it unselected will display nothing.

    • Privacy Policy Text - Allows you to put in your own custom text for the Privacy Policy at the bottom of the survey. Requires the tick box above to be ticked.

      • Privacy Policy URL - Allows you to put in your own URL for the Privacy Policy.

  • Show Social Media Buttons - Selecting this tick box will show Social Media links after a survey has been completed. Note: Lumoa will only display these links to people who complete the survey with a positive score!

    • Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/Twitter/YouTube URLs - These will be the URLs for the social media buttons. Note: Leaving the social media links blank will not display anything. Meaning if your company doesn't have a Twitter account, just leave it blank, and no Twitter icon will be displayed.

  • User contacts - Selecting this tick box will allow a customer to be contacted about his/her feedback.

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Part 4 - Thank you

In this section, you can thank the user for filling out the survey. You can add an action, such as displaying social media links for those who leave a positive score or a button to contact support for those who leave a negative score.

You can customize each success page to be unique per the type of score submitted: Detractor - Negative
Passive - Neutral
Promoter - Positive

  • Confirmation title - Title text for the success page. Usually something short.

    • Confirmation text - The body of the success page message. You can add a few sentences to thank your customer or ask them to take follow-up actions.

  • Button text - If you want a button on the success page, add text here. Note that Lumoa recommends you put a "Contact Support" button for detractors so that they can get potential support for issues they have. Leaving the Button Text blank will not show any external buttons on the Success page for that type of feedback.

    • Button URL - If you chose to have Button Text, paste a working URL here, so that the button actually points to something.

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Part 5 - Style

The last section covers the visuals of the form, like colors and a logo. Below is a list of options and how they affect each aspect of the feedback form.

Please note that every option in the form can be updated after creation.

  • Logo - Upload your company's logo. This logo will display over the top of the form.

  • Font color - Affects the color of your text.

    • Background - Background color affects the background of the form.

    • Form color - This option is the color of the form itself.

    • Score border color - This changes the border color for the score boxes.

    • Button color - Change the color of the Send button.

    • Button font color - Change the font color of the Send button.

Advanced Color Settings:

  • Negative score color - This color will be displayed before and after the user selects a negative number, usually red.

    • Neutral score color - This color will be displayed before and after the user selects a neutral number, usually gray or white.

    • Positive score color - This color will be displayed before and after the user selects a negative number, usually green.

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Creating Campaign

To view your created survey you will need to create a Campaign where the survey will be used. To create a Campaign, follow these instructions.

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