This guide will walk you through the different actions you can take from a Collection.

Before you begin


To go to Collections, follow these steps:

  1. On the bottom left-hand side, navigate to the Settings gear.

  2. From the top sidebar select Collections.

  3. Click on the 3 dots : on the right side of the Collection.

Actions with a Collection

These are the actions you can take from a Collection:

Manage tokens 🔑

Allows you to create an API key. Learn more.

Edit collection ✏️

Allows you to edit the Collection fields such as Collection name, language, and topic model.

Import data ⬆️

You can upload your Excel data. Learn how.

Recategorize data ↕️

In case you've just added new keywords, or have wrong/missing topics, or keywords, you can run a Recategorization.

Topic modeling 🎓

Allows you to generate a topic set based on what your customers are talking about. Learn more.

Create card in Dashboard 🗂️

A card allows you to view your data. Learn how to create Cards.

Delete collection 🗑️

Allows you to delete a Collection. Learn what is a Collection.

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