Lumoa allows you to see your Customer Feedback translated into English from a different language. Lumoa supports all these languages.

This guide will walk you through how to see Customer Feedback translated into English, in both original and English language, and/or not translated at all.


To see translated Customer Feedback, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Dashboard where the Card is stored. Example below: CNT.

  2. Click on the Card you wish to see feedback on. Example below: United States.

  3. This will lead you to the Impact page.

  4. Under Feedback, click on the Eye button.

Translating Feedback

With the Eye button, you can select:

  • Show translated language: Feedback translated into English.

  • Show both languages: Feedback both in the original language and translated into English.

  • Don't translate: Feedback in the original language only.

With this feature, you can also select:

  • Empty comments: You can toggle to display Empty comments. Empty comments are Responses (0-10, 0-100) with no Comments, meaning, open text with keywords, sentences, and phrases.

  • Show insights: You can toggle to display Insights by Volume or Trending Insights. Learn more about what Insights are.

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