The Trends page

This page will allow you to track topics over periods of time, giving you a calendar view of what your customer are talking about. The Trends page can be accessed from the selection bar at the top of the page.

Once on the trends page, the first thing you will need to do is make note of whether you want to look at the positive aspect of categories, or the negative aspects of categories. They are separated so that you can see what the best thing talked about, AND the worst thing talked about for a given month.

In the above image, for example, you can see that Usability is the most positive category talked about, month over month, and by a large margin.
You can also click on the categories, to the left side of the screen, if you want to only track a few of them at a time. In the image below, I am looking at the top three negative categories only.

In the above image, we can tell that people are talking about Brand, Notifications, and Fees pretty much in pretty much the same amount of negativity. Maybe we can find a way to solve all three? If you want to get a deeper look at how to see what people are talking about, check out our guide on the Impact page which will let you filter the categories so that only Fees are displayed, for example.

Note that, since the Trends page is designed to give you a view of customer topics over periods of time, collections that do not have data over periods of time may not get the most out of the Trends page. Please read our guide here on how to prepare data for Lumoa, so that we can upload more data for you!
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