Utilizing the Search Function

Searching for comments is easy with Lumoa! Simply navigate to the Search field in the right side of the page, and search for a specific keyword.
Key words can be in:

Language native to the feedback

Searching for a keyword will show all of the feedback that contain said keyword, and other metrics will update, such as the overall score if using NPS or linear metrics. Note that you can also combine the search function with timeframes, to find all of the people who talked about "Corona" last month for example. 

Adding multiple words to the search function WILL NOT make you search for the entire phrase. In order to search for a sentence, you will need to add quotation marks to the beginning and end of the sentence. 

Example, when searching:

Too expensive of a service

The system will display ALL feedbacks that contain ANY word in the sentence above.

In order to search for that sentence in particular, you need to type:

"Too expensive of a service"

You can also mix phrases using quotes:

"delivery was late" "delivery never showed"

This query will show you all feedback with phrases "delivery was late" OR "delivery never showed"

Finally, you can use the search function to eliminate words. Such as if you only want to see positive comments about search:

"price -expensive"

The above search query will show you all feedback that talk about price and DO NOT follow it up with "expensive"

If you still need some help, feel free to contact help@lumoa.me
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