How to get your Excel data ready for Lumoa!


Excel (template with correct formatting here
A non zero amount of Customer feedback

Formatting the data

There are two types of data that Lumoa typically receives: Score based, and Open Ended.

For Score based feedback (NPS, CSAT, 1-5 ratings, etc) each feedback must have the following 3 types of data:

Date (any format that excel recognizes as date)
Score (any number value)
Comment (this field is mandatory for upload, but not every feedback needs to have an open text response)

For Open Ended feedback, the same rules apply, only a score is not required

Optional fields are as follows:

externalId (unique identifier, can be used for identifying the feedback)
translatedComment (if you already have your comments translated to English, add the translations to this column. Otherwise, skip this column)
tags (tags are used for filtering the NPS Feedbacks, for example "gender" with value "female". The maximum length for filter or its value is 64 characters.)

Here is an example of what a single customer feedback for NPS might look like. Required fields are marked in blue and optional fields in green.

Moving the data to excel

If you want, you can download the template below with correct formatting and copy paste your existing data in the corresponding fields, or just create a new one.

Once done we'll take the file and upload it into our system, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask us at

Download Template
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