Adding Users

Adding users is a fairly simple process. Start by logging into Lumoa, then clicking your Settings gear in the bottom left of any page.

Settings Gear

Note: The Settings gear is only available to Admins within Lumoa. Speak to a current Admin in your organisation and they can change your user status using this guide.

After the Settings gear, you will land on the Userlist page. This page has a list of all of your current users. To add a new user, click the blue button in the top right that says "Invite"

Invite Button

User Email Address

From there, you will need to provide the email of the user you wish to invite.

If you have a list of users, such as from an Excel, you can paste your list into the email field and hit Enter. This will invite all of the users at once.


You then need to determine if the users you are adding will be apart of a Group. Groups will allow you to segment your users and control what your users can see and do within Lumoa. If you would like to learn more about Groups, checkout this article.
If you aren't sure which Group to use, or if there aren't any available, just leave it blank - users can be added to Groups later.

User Role

Next is where you define the User Role - this controls what your users can do in Lumoa. The most common is a standard "User" role but we have a full list of Roles and their associated permissions in our knowledge base.

Collection Permissions

Lastly is the Collection. This controls what kind of data users can see within Lumoa. Everyone in Lumoa must be assigned to at least one collection. If you would like to learn more about Collections and how they work, check out this guide in our knowledge base.

That's it! Hit Invite at the bottom of the page, and then wait a moment. You should see a green success banner letting you know that the users have been added successfully. If an error was thrown, try making sure that your emails are spelled correctly and that you assigned each user to at least one collection.

Managing Users

Once users have been added, you can use the Userlist page to segment and organize your users by collection, role, or group. Clicking on the three dots to the right of a user will allow you to disable or remove them from Lumoa's service. You can also edit users to change some of their permissions, roles, groups, or even manually reset their password.

Editing users

If you are looking to change someone's role, such as from a "Limited User" to a "User", it might be worth referring to our Breakdown of User Roles to see what does what. Feel free to email if you still have questions

Behind the Edit button is also where you can give access to the creation of a Private Dashboard:

We also have the above information in video form, if you're more of a watcher:

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