The Trends page

This page will allow you to track topics over periods of time, giving you a calendar view of what your customer are talking about. The Trends page can be accessed from the selection bar at the top of the page.

Choosing your Trend

Once on the trends page, the first thing you will need to do is make note of whether you want to look at the positive aspect of categories, or the negative aspects of categories. They are separated so that you can see what is the best thing talked about, AND the worst thing talked about for a given month.

Trends can be clicked on by using the legend at the bottom of each graph. Note that by default the Graph will only be viewing TOP level Topics, and that if you want to view sub topics this can be done through the button under the calendar tool. You can also click on a specific topic in order to just display that Trend, as seen below.

Comparing Trends

The Negative and the Positive trend graphs can be viewed independently - meaning that you can compare how a trend is performing positively and how a trend is performing negatively. A prime example is, assuming you are looking at App store or google Play data, to compare something like "Login/Logout" or "Bugs and Issues" in the Negative Trend Graph and "Updates" or "Features" in the negative trend. That way, you can see how your customers have felt about your app after a new feature update, and if new bugs and issues are causing problems for your overall metrics.

Note that, since the Trends page is designed to give you a view of customer topics over periods of time, collections that do not have data over periods of time may not get the most out of the Trends page. Please read our guide here on how to prepare data for Lumoa, so that we can upload more data for you!
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