Profile Page

The profile page is where you edit and manage your account in Lumoa. It can can also be used to change the default language that Lumoa uses.
To access the Profile page, use the User icon in the bottom left of the page, and then click "Profile":

Once there, feel free to take a look around! Here you can change your name, title, and password that Lumoa has stored. As mentioned previously, the button on the far right side of the page will allow you to change what language Lumoa operates in. New languages are being added all the time, but as of the launch of the feature we only have 4:



The Notifications tab allow you to configure when Lumoa notifies you about your data. Generally, these are used with the Events system in Lumoa, to let you know configures The notifications page can be accessed from the menu at the top of the screen.

On this page you can tell the system if you want to receive Event notifications:
Immediately - at the moment of assigning.
Daily - Everyday, one email will be fired off that contains all of your events you were assigned to the previous day.
Weekly - Once a week receive an email which contains a summary of the performance in your collections (such as scores from week to week).

These options also configure your notifications for manually assigned Event Tickets, not just Automated Events. Not sure what Events are? Check out our guide on the Events page!
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